HumanNova English page

HumanNova English page

HumanNova, for all your training requirements related to occuptional hygiene, risk management, health & safety and environmental affairs !

HumanNova aims to provide education to employees at branch offices in The Netherlands and Belgium. Training sessions are provided to increase the employee’s knowledge and understanding of the fields above, giving you a competitive advantage. We offer cost effective, pragmatic and flexible training sessions, quickly delivering the appropriate knowledge and skills to the people who need it. HumanNova training sessions are designed to make the participants more aware of their own capabilities, triggering them to consciously consider tasks and execute those tasks more effectively.

You can count on HumanNova for any size of sessions, from smaller in-company sessions to larger groups on location !

HumanNova delivers education and courses covering many fields including occupational risks and Health & Safety (H&S). We transfer knowledge through training sessions and articles as posted on this website. We can tap into a large network of experts who can train and assist you, where required, in any matters related to occupational hygiene, risk management and Health & Safety. HumanNova does not churn out standard education sessions; our strength lies in customising the sessions and informatie to you unique situation or company.

List by Field / category This section provides an overview of the main fields covered by HumanNova.

Occuptional Risks Health & Safety Dangerous Goods Risk Management

List by Target group This section provides an overview of the audiences targeted by HumanNova

Health & Safety professionals Health & Safety coordinator Incident manager License & Regulations coordinator

More information, please feel free to call +31 135904739